We strive to ensure your experience at Galleria is one you will value and remember.  All of the massages offered at Galleria were designed with our clients in mind, and include upgrades that many other spas charge additional for.  Each Massage at Galleria Spa Salon Boutique includes;

  • Therapeutic hot pack

  • Steam Hot Towels

  • Hot Stones

    * Client safety is our top priority. Please let our client engagement team know if you have any medical complications when booking to ensure no contraindications conflict with the services being performed.


Classic techniques are utilized to deliver a therapeutic soft tissue massage. A firm but gentle pressure is used to ease muscle tension and provide deep relaxation. Feel soreness and fatigue melt away.

*16 years of age+
30-minutes - $50 // 60-minutes - $75 // 90-minutes - $110


This massage is for the client suffering from chronic pain. Our skilled therapist will address your problem areas in slow deliberate strokes to access the deeper tissue layers. You will leave with increased circulation, better range of motion, and decreased muscle tightness.

*16 years of age+
30-minutes - $55 //  60-minutes - $90 //  90-minutes - $135 // 120-minutes - $180


Ashi (foot) atsu (pressure). A barefoot deep tissue massage technique using deep compression strokes that glide over the body. Correct application will provide deep relaxation and stimulate the lymphatic system of the body. Bars are used above the head for support and balance of the therapist and massage cream is applied to the body.

*16 years of age+
30-minutes - $55 // 60-minutes - $90 // 90-minutes - $135 // 120-minutes - $180


Our custom designed pregnancy pillows provide a mother-to-be with a relaxing way to receive a massage. Mom can comfortably relieve stress, joint pain, neck, and back discomfort. 
(12+ weeks)

30-minutes - $50 // 60-minutes - $75


Whether you are looking for a Deep Tissue Treatment for muscle pain and dysfunction; Sports Therapy for enhancement, maintenance, or recovery; or a relaxing experience to relieve stress and tension – Cupping Therapy can be employed to augment your massage experience and boost your results.

*18 years of age+                                                                                                  30-minutes - $65 // 60-minutes - $100 // 90-minutes - $145


Heated Basalt Lava Stones are used to massage and loosen your tight muscles, relieve stress and ease tension. Leave with a warm relaxed feeling in your muscles and your mind.

*18 years of age+
90-minutes - $150


Unsure if Thai Fusion is right for your? Try our modified version on a standard massage table, either as a full session or as a “mix&match” session (massage time split between Modified Thai and either classical Swedish or Deep Tissue).

*18 years of age+
60-minutes - $90 // 90-minutes - $135 // 120-minutes - $180


Offering a specialized massage for our youngest guests - a 30 minute** therapeutic soft tissue massage session for children under 16 years of age. Introduce your child to the world of relaxation and therapy! A parent or guardian will need to be available to complete proper documentation and consent forms to provide services for the minor scheduled. Additionally, we offer the parent or guardian to sit-in on the session for the comfort of both the minor and staff member.                        

** A minor under 16 years of age may be scheduled for a 60 minute Swedish or Deep Tissue Massage under special circumstances and only after consulting with a massage therapist on staff. Please call us at 979-693-0350 if you wish to discuss this as an option.

*Under 16 years of age
30-minutes - $50