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Discover the magic that Cupping Therapy can do for your body.  Utilizing the ancient art of suction (or negative pressure), cupping provides amazing therapeutic results in far less time than regular massage.  Skillfully applied cups pull and stretch the body’s tissues, lengthen your muscles, release myofascial adhesions, increase circulation, stimulate the movement of your lymph, clear interstitial debris, and initiate the parasympathetic nervous system.  The suction from the cups can penetrate deep into your tissues without the pain often associated with more aggressive compressive massage techniques. Because of the numerous effects on the body, Cupping Therapy has multiple applications for various treatments.  Whether you are looking for pain relief, cosmetic improvements, or relaxation, be sure check out our options below to see which ones are right for you. Helpful tip! Different cupping services can be scheduled in combination with one another for the ultimate experience.


Whether you are looking for a Deep Tissue Treatment for muscle pain and dysfunction; Sports Therapy for enhancement, maintenance, or recovery; or a relaxing experience to relieve stress and tension – Cupping Therapy can be employed to augment your massage experience and boost your results.

*18 years of age+                                                                                                  30-minutes - $65 // 60-minutes - $100 // 90-minutes - $145


By using light suction and gliding movements, our therapists can give your lymphatic system a much needed boost by clearing congestion and stagnation, removing toxins, improving the metabolic processes of the body, enhancing immunity, and giving you an all-over lighter, healthier sensation.  For greater and lasting effects, we highly recommend scheduling lymphatic drainage in conjunction with our Abdominal Cupping Service.

*18 years of age+                                                                                                  45-minutes - $60


Focused cupping techniques are employed to remove adhesions, slough off stagnant or impacted waste and mucous, and promote effective and healthy digestion.  You will be pleasantly surprised at how this, in turn, helps with your overall health. Please do not eat for at least one-hour prior to your appointment.

*18 years of age+                                                                                                  30-minutes - $55


Feel the benefits of a full body lymphatic drainage treatment while also receiving specialized cupping techniques designed to minimize the appearance of cellulite.

*18 years of age+                                                                                                  60-minutes - $90


Enjoy a gentle, relaxing facial therapy using specialized cups.  Benefits include increased local circulation of the skin, increased nutrients brought to the epidermis, enhanced absorption of facial topicals, reduced edema and chronic puffiness, relaxed expression lines, and loosening of tight and rigid muscles (great of TMJ disorders!).  Lines and wrinkles will plump and smooth over while scar tissue will soften; you will leave with a glow for all to see.

*18 years of age+                                                                                                  45-minutes - $60


With Cupping Therapy, our therapists can customize a foot treatment just for you using aspects of reflexology, acupressure, and therapeutic techniques.  Whether you are looking to relax, rejuvenate, or address pain and dysfunction – we have you covered!

*18 years of age+                                                                                                  30-minutes - $55 // 60-minutes - $90


Don’t let names or appearances fool you!  This incredibly relaxing treatment employs a multitude of cups (armed with magnets) to cover your entire back in order to increase circulation, warm the muscles, and trigger your parasympathetic nervous system.  Bonus!! – while your “blanket” sets on your back, our therapist will treat your feet with additional biomagnetic therapy cups. It’s a treat that will stay with you all day.

*Under 18 years of age
30-minutes - $55