Our sweet ronda <3

This year has brought a lot of love, laughter, a few tears and so much joy to all of us at Galleria. While we all face challenges everyday, there is one person who goes above and beyond to ensure we are ALL taken care of, our sweet Ronda. We don’t always have the chance or opportunity to show her just how much she means to us and we want to try to change that! Ronda Wells has done so much for all of us in many ways. Her smile brightens our days, takes our troubles away and is always so comforting. We want to brighten her day(s) like she is always doing for all of us.

We would love to collect positive words of affirmation, stories and anything additional you feel called to say to let her know just how truly special she is to us all. Please complete the submission below so that we can collect a jar of affirmations and love to give to Ronda at our Galleria Christmas Party. We just know this will mean so very much to her!

*Please don’t mention anything to Ronda. We will present these to her at our Christmas Party on Sunday!




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